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Ben Sheehy is available for a range of music services, see below for further details.

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Ben Sheehy Music offers the following services face-to-face or online:

  • Performances

  • Guitar lessons

  • Composition tutoring

Please contact Ben Sheehy Music for pricing list as well as extensive details regarding these services.



Ben is a unique and eccentric performer whose performances can be tailored to a diverse set list for any event. Most notable of Ben's performances include his extensive repertoire demonstrated on Season 8 of Australian Idol (2023). Ben succeeded to the semi-finals by showcasing a Classic Rock style strengthened by his powerhouse vocals. Despite Rock being home, Ben has further experience in a multi-faceted range of music styles from Funk to Acoustic sets.



Ben has been teaching guitar privately for the last 6 years. Focusing on developing musicality and an internal rhythm in playing, Ben's teaching draws from his experience in completing extended Music in his High School Certificate for Classical Guitar and later participating in the Guitar Ensemble at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.



Ben is passionate about creating Compositions that communicate and evoke a range of emotions. Having completed a Bachelor of Music with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Ben seeks to guide his students towards developing their own unique approach by bringing together diverse musical styles. Ben specialises in Songwriting and Avant-Garde Classical Composition.

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